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Christine Aumueller
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Hello to all my Traveling Companions!

I am Christine Aumueller, your travel guide down this Unpaved Road.  

This is a safe place to have your family history uncovered.  I have the research skills and experience to do it for you no matter what obstacles you think we may encounter.  And we can enjoy the journey together with regular updates to you on my findings.  How far back do you want to explore?  Let's see how far we can go!


My Story

  Having a passion as strong as mine to pursue my ancestral roots, and those of my friends, I find it near impossible to not offer my services to anyone also having a passion to find theirs.  Your family stories are just as interesting to me as they are to you!

  I have found that the more information I find about my genetic heritage, the better I understand myself and take strength from their life achievements.  After all, they all lend to the fabric of my being.  Health in both mind and body is something we can strive for.  You can experience the same.

  I have successfully submitted my ancestral line to the Daughters of the American Revolution.  I take pride in the many formative positions of government my "grandfathers" held.  I also take pride in the strength of the women at their sides.  Independence runs deep in my DNA, including a "grandmother" who survived the Witch Trials of Salem, Massachusetts.  

  I am just as proud to claim homesteading pioneers that ventured out to carve a better life for themselves and their families.  Despite the fact that many of my ancestors were descendants of the thrones of Europe, not all lived their lives in castles with servants!  But their stories are still part of who I am today.

  Although I live in South Central Wisconsin, I can research anywhere.  Since COVID, not as many places are open to physical research, but many publications are now online, and I know where to find them.  If travel is necessary, I am available on a limited basis to do just that.  But the snail mail still works and emailed documents work just as well.  

  If you would like to know more about your ancestral past and don't know where or how to start, I can help.  If you just don't have the time or interest to do the research but still have the desire to know, I can help.  Stuck in your research due to an adoption? I can help.  A dog with a bone is inspiration to me to keep digging, keep looking at documents, keep asking the questions.  


Thomas B Thunder

Christine was able to trace my biological parents that I never had contact with and now, I not only have full-blooded siblings, but an entire Ho-Chunk Tribe to call my own!  Thank you Christine!  


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